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Rush Team 2.1.3 !
Posted by roka the August 6, 2022

Rush Team has been updated :

Version 2.1.3

- The M4,normal,camo,dragon,panda,skull,snake and usa has been added.
- 4 silencers has been added.
- The pan gold has been added.
- The Tomahawk, normal, red and rose has been added.
- A new map "Chance" has been added.
- The last grenade are now deleted each round in elimination/bomb mode to avoid killing player when a new round start with flame/gas or death grenade (Regression Version 2.1.0).
- Fixed a bug when in some cases you are not able to change your inventory after a respawn in elimination/bomb mode.
- Fixed the "auto select" spectator change in elimination/bomb when a player leave the room.
- Fixed a bug when sometime you see the melee or grenade zoomed by watching a player in elimination/bomb mode.
- The accuracy of the shotgun 870 and MCS870 has been improved a bit.

Have Fun !