Rush Team is a Free FPS multiplayer browser game


Purchase Asr Cash

What is ASR-cash?

ASR-cash is our virtual currency that can be used to purchase paid services.
   - You can buy 1000,3000,5000 Asr-Cash by using paypal(Credit Card)

How much does it cost?

   By using Fortumo(BOKU), the cost is generally between 1,5€ and 5€ per code depending on your location, service provider and currency.
   Each code can be redeemed for 1000 ASR-cash.

   By using Paypal, the cost is 2.40€ for 1000 ASR-cash, 6.00€ for 3000 asr-cash and 9.60€ for 5000 asr-cash.
   The price can vary, so be sure to check the price on the payment system before the purchase.

What I can buy with my asr-cash?

   - Temporary VIP status for 7 days for 1000 ASR-cash
   - Temporary Weapon Pack status for 7 days for 500 ASR-cash
   - Clan slots for 1000 ASR-cash
   - Nickname change for 1000 ASR-cash
   - Kill/Death Ratio reset for 500 ASR-cash

Payment methods

The following simple payment systems can be used:

   - PayPal (credit card)

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