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Rush Team 2.1.2
Posted by roka the July 25, 2022

Rush Team has been updated :

Version 2.1.2

- The AWP Black selection when you reconnect as been fixed.
- The bug when you can't click on the button to select "all/team" in the chat when the scoreboard is not open has been fixed.
- The bug when the button "team" stay selected when you rejoin a room has been fixed.
- I have modified how the texture are downloaded for the weapon item to avoid white or incorrect weapon texture.
- 8 silencer has been added.
- The AWP "DevilsPainBrush" has been added.
- The M249 "DevilsPainBrush" has been added.
- The sniper SAKO normal,Challenge,Bear,Terror,UK and Urban has been added.

Have Fun !