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Rush Team 2.0.9 !
Posted by roka the May 17, 2022

Rush Team has been updated :

Version 2.0.9

- The game has been updated to a most recent Unity version.
- The AUG is now available as normal rifle (level 42).
- A new extra rifle TAR21 is available with the vip.
- A new map "outpost" has been added.
- The way that the game manage the light on the characters and weapons has been modified for better performances.
- The misspelled name Ukraine on the AS50 as been fixed.
- A small modification has been done on the sniper scope UI.
- The bug when a weapon is visible/invisible at a certain angle as been fixed.
- You can now start firing when you switch weapons (do not have to wait after the "weapon out" animation to be completed).
- The map collider bug should now be fixed (crossed fingers).
- The mouse jump that can happen sometime should be fixed (crossed fingers).

Have Fun !