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Rush Team 2.0.7 !
Posted by roka the March 2, 2022

Rush Team has been updated :

Version 2.0.7

- Fixed the saved weapon used when you disconnect (AKM Tropic).
- Fixed the auto join team and saved score from the old game that happen sometime when you join a room.
- The red dot on the sniper scope has been modified a bit.
- You can enable/disable the red dot for the sniper scope in the options (mouse panel).
- The flying character when you join a room or when a player enter in the room has been fixed.
- The famas damage has been reduced a bit.
- I have rebuild Market Town and i force the game to reload it because some of you get an error when you join it.
- The following weapon has been added/modified :
- Famas Normal (level 16)
- Famas Display (level 23)
- Famas Space (level 29)
- Famas Green Camo (VIP)
- Famas Tech (VIP)
- Famas Canada (VIP)
- Famas Yellow Camo (VIP)
- Famas Gold (weapon pack)
- Famas Brazil (weapon pack)
- Famas USA (weapon pack)
- P90 Normal (level 6)
- P90 Electro (level 23)
- P90 Neon (level 29)
- P90 Yellow Camo (VIP)
- P90 USA (VIP)
- P90 Brazil (Special effect, VIP)
- P90 Frozen (Special effect, VIP)
- P90 Gold (weapon pack)
- P90 Tech (weapon pack)
- P90 Turkey (weapon pack)

Have Fun !