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Rush Team 2.0.5
Posted by roka the January 7, 2022

Rush Team has been updated :

Version 2.0.5

- The christmas theme has been removed.
- The network of the game has been updated (Photon V1 to V2).
This is a big change and i have made a lot of tests, so report it if something is not working like usual
because i do not have tested it in real conditions with a lot of players in a room.
- The server Turkey has been added.
- The server South Africa has been added.
- The Flags has been added to the servers selection.
- The inventory has been completely rewritten and you can now change your weapon
in game by using the key "P" (you can change it in the key settings option)
everytime that you die or respawn.
- The reload stop completely if you open the chat.

Have Fun !