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Rush Team 2.0.3
Posted by roka the November 21, 2021

Rush Team has been updated :

Version 2.0.3

- The "/v" command in game has been fixed.
- The problem with the lowercase/uppercase in the mute list has been fixed.
- Some maps or game mode can be limited for max 2vs2, 3v3 or 4vs4.
- A wall access on Urban War has been fixed.
- The room do not close anymore when a player leave and when you stay alone.
- I have started a big clean up of the code and i'm sure that i can divide by 2 some parts of the code.
This will allow me to work on more game mode without spaghetti code.
- I have started to work on the game interface.
That mean that you will see some visual change sometime (icon, design ect ....) and maybe also better performances for you because i try to reduce the numbers of draw call as much as i can.
This will take several weeks/months because i change completely the UI render system.
- The EXP reward has been modified to give more exp at the player that follow the game mode, like capturing the flag,activate the bomb ect ...
- A new game mode "Point" has been added.
This game mode is like an FFA match but you get more EXP by standing in an zone that move every 30 seconds.
- Now you respawn after 1 second when you join an FFA/Point match instead of 5 seconds previously.
- The scoreboard is now listed by "Score"(Not shown in the scoreboard at the moment) instead of kill count.
- You name in the scoreboard is now shown in blue color.
- If your ping exced the limit of the room, you will be kicked 10 seconds after if you ping do not go lower (15 seconds previously).

Have fun !