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Rush Team 2.0.2
Posted by roka the November 1, 2021

Rush Team has been updated :

Version 2.0.2

- The chat has been modified to correctly show bad words, as example "computer" instead of "com**r" because he contain a bad word(in french) and the upper case is back.
- When you reply to a pm with "/r", the text is not selected anymore and you can start writing directly.
- The mute function has been added to the chat.
Use /mute playername , /unmute playername or /clear to clear the mute list.
The mute list is empty by default when you load the game and we do not save it, every time that you load the game, the list is empty.
- A glitch access on the map Market Town has been fixed.
- The halloween theme has been removed.
- The bug when you can't move when you respawn after joining a room and press TAB multiple time has been fixed.
- The map "Pool" has been added to the game.

Have fun !