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New domain change
Posted by roka the October 21, 2019

Mainly because my games are hosted on an old servers,i want to inform you that this month, Rush Team and War Attack will be moved on a single website.

The domains and will be redirected to the new domain (you will know the new domain 24 hours before the change).
This change is made in order to have a recent server and for a better organization. It will be more easy for me for my future projects.

During the move, it's possible that you lose few played game stats because the data present on the actual server will be copied to the new server.
I will compensate this with a free vip and exp boost period.

The shop will be closed 24H before the move in order to avoid missing transaction during the transfert. I will open it again on the new server when a test will be made.

The website design of Rush Team and War Attack will not change.

The new website will be like this : ==> presentation of my games ==> the actual Rush Team Website ==> the actual War Attack Website

( is an exemple and not the future domain).

Nothing will be lost on your account (just maybe few stat's , see above).

I will keep you informed, contact us if you have any question.

Thank You