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WebGL version updated to Version 1.7.5
Posted by roka the February 22, 2019

Hello Soldiers !

I have updated the WebGL version to 1.7.5

- I have fixed a small glitch (bomb) in the Operation Egypt map (Open zone variant).
- Now,i record how much "Weapon Race" game you play and win (first) in order to setup a ranking page (only room equal or over 8 players count).
- A small tips is shown when you respawn the first time.
- I have modified a bit the crosshair in order to have a better quality.
- I have added an information on the option TAB for increase and decrease resolution in game.
- The "Flame Grenade" has been added to the game as extra grenade (VIP + Weapon Pack only).
- The ACR Batman has been added (Weapon Pack).
- The AK MOD Neon has been added (Weapon Pack).
- The Ar15 Rasta has been added (VIP).
- The SVD Rasta has been added (VIP).
- The SVD Jungle has been added (Level 28).
- The AK MOD Desert has been added (Level 32).

Have Fun!