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Clan (Active last 30 days)

Clan :[Collingwood]

The master of the clan [Collingwood] is : Quinlaba

The assistant of the clan [Collingwood] is : BlaZe

Clan Name Nickname Level Status
[Collingwood] SniperXshot img
[Collingwood] 733wolf img
[Collingwood] matzy img
[Collingwood] AndreeaDeea img
[Collingwood] SLimSHadyex img
[Collingwood] JayTee img
[Collingwood] Simon10 img
[Collingwood] MrAvatar img
[Collingwood] B1uebird img
[Collingwood] Quinlaba img
[Collingwood] GucciiccuG img
[Collingwood] Javelin19 img
[Collingwood] Fatalist img
[Collingwood] Wizhadow img
[Collingwood] Badbreaker24 img
[Collingwood] Vancouver img
[Collingwood] zTrizzKnighT img
[Collingwood] Rain img
[Collingwood] gksrufee img
[Collingwood] xXRUNXx img
[Collingwood] Deya img
[Collingwood] DeLoNiXLeGeNd img
[Collingwood] ItzMrLivE img
[Collingwood] sTxDeaThAngLeBE img
[Collingwood] Galantis img
[Collingwood] crazytom21555 img
[Collingwood] LORDFOLLACABRAS img
[Collingwood] Fission img
[Collingwood] Reizo img
[Collingwood] BlaZe img
[Collingwood] CyNisM img
[Collingwood] CxllMeBad img
[Collingwood] xCaRaKinGx img
[Collingwood] magnetism img
[Collingwood] GoreT img
[Collingwood] Standart img
[Collingwood] KbClassic img
[Collingwood] xSilfire img
[Collingwood] zBeasT img
[Collingwood] hamhamd img
[Collingwood] tnt77 img
[Collingwood] WiserThanAll img
[Collingwood] SayWelcome img
[Collingwood] PUPPY img
[Collingwood] SirJoseph img
[Collingwood] Zhuan img
[Collingwood] Umkane img
[Collingwood] satti img
[Collingwood] harry04 img
[Collingwood] Ghanz img